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ECONOMIC ADMINISTRATIVE CLAIM. In our blog of March 2015 we talked about what a complementary tax (further tax liquidation) is. It is when the Administration reviews the purchase price of a property (for example) assessed at the Title Deed. We had near 100% success in economic-administrative claims because many times such assessments are based on valuations made in breach of law. Therefore, despite the existence of other expensive solutions (such as technical valuation) or the internal appeal (recurso de reposición where we ask the same authority that granted the liquidation to change his mind and revoke the liquidation) through the economic-administrative claim we managed to nullify the liquidations. Not only in the field of the sale but in other cases like when you have enjoyed subsidies (such as the Canary Islands Investment Reserve) or have benefited from tax exemptions. It is very important to make the claim within the time (one month) to avoid damages. And even if the economic-administrative solution is not reached, we have successfully come to the contentious-administrative level where you also have a high successfull rate.

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